Red Rocks has its finger on the pulse of the local community. Whenever you’d like to experience authentic Rwandan traditional living, they’ll be at your service with a whole host of hands-on activities, such as the popular stone grinding course. [..]

Stone grinding takes you back to a different era. This is the traditional method used across the world to grind cereal crops, and many people still do it today. Before flour mills and hand grain mills became widely available, everyone needed to grind their own wheat, corn, barley, rice and other edible grain to put food on the table.

Craving for some buns, a pint of beer or a slice of naan bread? Well, you’re not likely to find any ready-made bread or beverage in a typical Rwandan home. But the old-world technique of grinding millet and sorghum on the local grinding stone is yours to try. Go on; give it a try!