Brew Your Own Banana and Sorghum Beer

Why pay for your beer, when you can make your own? While on your trip to Africa, the good people of Rwanda will show you how.

Did you know that bananas are berries? How about that they’re radioactive? Well, most food is and so are we, but bananas are so special that they’re used in school as a measure of radioactivity.

Yet, the most exciting thing about bananas, by far, is that you can make beer out of them. How? Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Brewing Banana Beer (Kwe Nga Urwagwa)

  1. Cut a ripe banana stalk and cover it with banana leaves.
  2. Leave it to ripen for two or three days.
  3. Clean the fermentation pit and cover it with banana tree trunks.
  4. Wrap the ripened bananas in fresh banana leaves, place them on the trunks, and cover them with dirt.
  5. Light a fire under this stack and leave it there for three days.
  6. Peel the bananas, crush them, and add a little water. Press the pulp and filter the juice.
  7. Grind some sorghum to make flour, and add it to the filtered juice.
  8. Pour the juice into a large vat over the hearth.
  9. Leave it to ferment for another three days.
  10. Enjoy your refreshing banana beer!

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