Bee Keepers Think Red Rocks is the Bee’s Knees

Our local bee keepers are buzzing with anticipation at the thought of giving you a demo of what beekeeping in Rwanda is all about. Come to Red Rocks for a crash course on beekeeping, and learn about the importance of honey to the local community.

The villages surrounding Red Rocks are home to several beekeepers associations. Their members keep bee hives in the swamps and forests around Red Rocks. That’s because they’re lush with greenery and rich in certain types of plants, including banana trees, and every plant gives the honey a unique flavour. Depending on the season and the varieties of flowers in bloom at the moment, you’ll see these beehives strategically scattered across the valleys.

For the locals, honey is more than an essential foodstuff. It’s also an age-old remedy for countless ailments and diseases the locals suffer from. Traditional doctors and healers use it to cure and alleviate symptoms, and that’s where most of the local honey goes to. The remainder is sold to the locals, and the proceeds are shared with the member association. It’s a well-oiled machine, but also a means for you to have hands-on training from some of Rwanda’s most skilled beekeepers.