“Healthy life is an outcome of sustainable development, as well as a powerful and undervalued means of achieving it. We need to see health both as a precious asset in itself, and as a means of stimulating economic growth and reducing poverty.”

– Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General Emeritus, WHO

You may have heard the term “responsible tourism” before, but may not be familiar with what it actually means. Responsible tourism is the foundation for everything we do at Amahoro Tours. This term, also referred to as sustainable tourism, is based on principles rooted in conservation, humanitarianism, reciprocity, and economic development. In short, responsible tourism focuses on using local tourism as a tool to improve and sustain local communities, economies, and ecosystems. The term “responsible tourism” was coined in 2002 during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Cape Town. There, responsible tourism was defined as “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Therefore, both parties reap the benefits of responsible tourism.

While this type of tourism extends to regions across the globe, it is especially significant to Rwanda tourism and African tourism as a whole. Therefore, Amahoro Tours is devoted to promoting sustainable local economic development; improving living conditions in our local communities; making a positive impact on the health and prosperity of a region; while educating our visitors about local cultures, histories, and practices through immersive, engaging tours that bridge cultural gaps. Now that you have a definition of responsible tourism, let’s explore this activity in action by looking at the benefits of sustainable ecotourism and cultural tourism in Rwanda. This may help you determine which of our Rwanda tour package sounds most exciting to you while giving you a deeper insight of how impactful this type of tourism is on our local Rwanda communities.

Three Positive Impacts of Responsible Tourism in Rwanda

Contributes to Local Economic Development

By promoting local Rwanda tourism, we can contribute to the local economic well-being, growth, and development while helping communities thrive. This is because tourism and community-based ecotourism — in partnership with the locals — allows them to share their way of life, cultural practices, histories, and landscapes with visitors who are curious about these aspects. We partner with locals who work as tour guides, teachers, entertainers, artisans, and brewers who receive the economic benefits of our local tourism, while at the same time, enriching the lives of the people visiting Rwanda.  

Improves Quality of Life in Local Communities

By promoting sustainable ecotourism in Rwanda, the lives of the wonderful people we partner with are improved significantly. A thriving local tourism industry brings money into communities, thereby giving them the resources they need to provide health care, support their livelihoods, grow and harvest local crops, build infrastructure, and continue to develop as a thriving community.

Sustains Continued Growth

Thriving ecotourism allows for communities in a region to continue growing and developing while expanding the tours they offer. As living conditions and quality of life are improved, resources can be put towards creating more jobs, protecting and sustaining ecosystems, developing a community’s infrastructure, all while bridging cultural gaps through engaging tourism activities that are entertaining, insightful, enriching, and memorable.

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Ready to book your Rwanda tour? Experience responsible tourism with Amahoro Tours! We have a number of thrilling, enriching tour packages that are community- and conservation-based. Each of our Rwanda tours immerses our guests in our local communities, giving guests to our region the opportunity to connect with the locals while participating hands-on in community life. From visiting medicinal sites and participating in dance, taking drumming lessons, and trying your hand at sorghum beer brewing, to strolling the impressive landscapes on village walks and riding wooden bikes, each tour is designed to highlight a specific aspect of Rwanda’s vibrant culture. Visit Amahoro Tours, offering Top Rated National® tours of Africa, and start planning your trip to Rwanda. We look forward to hosting you on your adventure!

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