Visiting Rwanda? Amahoro Tours can recommend and organize a variety of exciting activities to help you make the most of your stay. Get in touch with us, tell us what you’d enjoy doing the most on your African tour*, and look forward to an eventful and unforgettable escapade in tropical Rwanda.

*Please note that children under 15 years of age are not allowed to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Neighbouring countries have age limits of their own. Please check with Amahoro Tours for details prior to booking.

Volcanoes National Park

All African adventures and activities are offered in cooperation with the Rwanda Development Borde (RBD) authorities, and Rwanda gorilla tours will be accompanied and guided by park staff and guards.

A visit to the Volcanoes National Park includes:

  • Amahoro day tour — mountain gorilla trekking (including 1 hour with the great apes, guaranteed);
  • 1-day hiking and mountain climbing (Mt. Bisoke – 3,711m) ;
  • 2 days hiking and mountain climbing (Mt. Karisimbi – 4,507m, overnight camping);
  • Golden Monkey trekking;
  • Visit to the Karisoke Research Centre;
  • Visit to the tomb of the legendary Dian Fossey;
  • Nature walk (view volcano flora and fauna).

Nyungwe National Park

All activities are offered in cooperation with the Rwandan Office for Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN) authorities.

Those joining us at Nyungwe National Park will enjoy the following activities:

  • Chimpanzee trekking;
  • Colobus Monkey trekking and nature walk (view 13 species of primates, 300 species of birds, 250 species of trees, hundreds of different flowering plants, including 100 species of orchids);

Lake Kivu

Visiting Lake Kivu is a splendid way to relax and take in the scenery:

  • Lake cruises between popular resort towns, such as Cyangugu, Kibuye, and Gisenyi;
  • Water sports facilities in Kibuye;
  • Nature discovery tours around the many deserted islands with largely unexplored natural attractions;
  • Bat quest on Napoleon’s Hat Island, where we climb to the top of Napoleon’s Hat and witness thousands of bats darkening the sky;
  • Island of Peace expedition with swimming, relaxing, beach volleyball, eating and drinking, and watching the sunset.

Hot Springs

View our Rwanda Hot Springs as they glisten in the sunlight, and take a dip to soak up those all-important minerals. Have a feel-good hot bath with your friends and family, and learn about the inner workings of the volcano heating the springs from beneath.

Your visit to the Hot Springs in Rwanda will include the following destinations:

  • Hot springs near Gisenyi: Go for a swim in these naturally heated waters near Lake Kivu while we boil some eggs to be served fresh and warm.
  • Hot springs of Bugarama: See the spring bubbling up as geothermally heated water from beneath rises to the surface, cooling through a process of convection and releasing all the volcanic gas in a large and misty green pool.

Twin Lakes Burera and Ruhondo / Musanze Cave

Paddle across two of Rwanda’s most spectacular lakes in a traditional wooden canoe hand-crafted locally. Then head west and be a speologist for a day, admiring one of the most impressive unspoiled caves in Rwanda.

Your expedition around Ruhondo and Ruhengeri includes:

  • Nature discovery tours in traditional canoes, with breath-taking landscapes, expansive wetland habitats, and views of diverse and colourful water birds.
  • Tour of the Musanze Cave — a whopping 2km long (1.25 miles) cave with 31 entrances, made of Cenozoic volcanic rock. It’s now home to a massive bat colony, and it can be reached by crossing a naturally made bridge over the Albertine Rift Valley formed of lava flow layers as old as 65 million years ago.

Outdoor Activities

Community Activities in Musanze (Ruhengeri)

There’s much to see and do on a Rwanda tour and in the neighbouring countries of Congo and Uganda. But if you’d like to go off the beaten track, see all there is to see outside the Volcanoes National Park, while mingling with the locals, then why not take up some of our immersive community and cultural activities in Rwanda?

Should you have the opportunity to extend your stay in Ruhengeri, you may find it worthwhile to become involved in various cultural activities after your Gorilla trekking expeditions, including:

  1. Take a walk from Musanze to the Basket Weaving Ladies group in Rwanda. We will walk together through the Village, meeting people along the way. We would urge our guests to buy original woven baskets from the local weaver women, because it’s the only way to support community-based ecotourism locally. The guide will be paid separately.

Time estimate: 1-1.5 hours. Price: $10 per person on foot / $1 per motorbike.

  1. Mountain hike on Rugalika. The hike starts from Red Rocks, and leads you to the local school on top of the Mountain, which will welcome you to class. If you arrive during recess, you will enjoy a brief interaction with the school children before they return to class. Time permitting, you may continue your walk up to the Kabere Health Center.

Time estimate: 6-8 hours. Price: $17 per person.

  1. Storytelling with the villagers. This tour will offer you an inside look at Rwandan culture and history, giving you a better picture of how Rwanda’s past has shaped its present. Ask as many questions as you like, and feel free to join in on the discussions.

Time estimate: 2-3 hours. Price: $30 per group.

  1. Banana beer production. Clear out your schedule for a few hours and enjoy brewing your own banana beer, learning how it’s made, what it tastes like, what gives it its unique flavour, and who makes the beer in the family.

Time estimate: however long it takes for the beer to be delicious. Price: $25 per person.

  1. Take a walk around the town of Musanze. Explore the villages of Musanze on foot to see what Rwandan life is really like, with the good and the bad. On your journey, enjoy stunning views of surrounding volcanoes. Visit the city’s two markets, and grab yourself a bargain. If you’re an avid birdwatcher, then hike behind the Amahoro Tours office, and see the countless types of birds as they go about their daily rituals. Look across the plain and admire our volcano peaks and plateaux soaring in the distance. Bring snacks and refreshments, and make it a lovely hilltop picnic.

Time estimate: the better part of a day. Price: $10 per person.

  1. Homestay in Rwanda. Meet a friendly Rwandan family and be their guest for the night. Help prepare dinner, see how the locals live, and listen to their stories.

Time estimate: one night. Price: $35 per person.

  1. Traditional Rwandan dance. Rwanda is famous for its traditional dancers. Visit one of our dancing ensembles for a whirlwind romance with Rwandan dance. Not only will the performers show you their moves, but they will also invite you to dance along.

Time estimate: under two hours. Price: $150 per group.

  1. Learn the local language. Would you like to learn more about the daily life in the village? Take basic language lessons from your host, and learn to interact in the local vernacular. Your host will be able to teach you either Kinyarwanda or Swahili, the lingua franca of Rwanda.

Time estimate: under two hours. Price: $10 per person.

  1. Be a teacher for a day. We’re always happy to meet people who would like to give something back to the community by teaching the locals whatever they are good at, be it a skill or a subject. Please get in touch, tell us your area of expertise and how you’d like your classes or workshops to go, and we’ll be more than happy to arrange it all for you.

Time estimate: entirely up to you. Price: Free.

  1. Enjoy biking in the village. Take in the beautiful sceneries and talk to the villagers as they go about their daily routines. You’ll be free to bike up the main town, where you can explore the area, talk to the people and grab a bargain along the way, before heading back to the Village.

Time estimate: several hours. Price: $30 per person.

  1. Organic farming. Over the centuries, farmers in Rwanda have developed their own special sustainable farming methods. A select few welcome our guests regularly at their plantations, and visitors are always impressed with how comprehensive the activities are and how sophisticated the traditional methods used. The organic harvest is made up of bananas and various other fruit, along with vegetables like manioc (cassava) and sweet potatoes, and cereal like millet.

Time estimate: several hours. Price: $40 per person

  1. Lakes Burera & Ruhondo. Rwanda was blessed with many lakes, but these two twins at the foot of the volcanoes are exceptionally beautiful. Go on a lake circuit to enjoy the breath-taking scenery, and bring a camera to capture rare footage you can treasure forever. Rent a traditional wooden canoe from the locals, and explore the various islands nearby, or even go fishing with local fishermen on the lakes.

Time estimate: several hours. Price: $80 per group (6 people max.)

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