Our work is centered on the Amahoro Tourism Association, a network of local communities, co-operatives and individuals who would like to participate in tourism activities, but often lack the knowledge or means to do so. Tourism plays a major role in the intiative because we believe in its ability to be a tool for sustainable development, the alleviation of poverty and promotion of peace.

The majority of Amahoro Tours’ activities focus on visits to our many partners such as the traditional healers, brick makers and the banana bark weavers. They guarantee a unique experience for the visitor and, where possible, even a chance join in and get your hands dirty.

We discussed with the leaders of each group or association how we could best contribute to ensure their continued growth. In many cases we agreed upon a financial contribution to a community account, knowing that even the weakest member of such groups, together with his or her family, will benefit directly from such an arrangement. This little additional income often opens up the opportunity to send another child to school or to buy equipment that significantly raise the productivity of the group. Whilst other groups may receive assistance in the form of professional promotion and the direct marketing of their activities. In this way we ensure the largest number of local people benefit from our activities and are actively encouraged to offer their own ideas for the form their recompense takes.

Mission Statement

Responsible Tourism & Eco-Tourism

Through our activities we support the conservation of the natural environment and the preservation of cultural assets. Furthermore, we aim at contributing to the sustainable development of local populations by sharing economic benefits, and by helping to nurture a sense of pride and awareness that someone cares. Join hands with Amahoro Tours and help us to make a difference!