See Life through Rwandan Eyes

Have you ever wondered what worries, cares, wishes, hopes, dreams and expectations the locals, young or elderly, may have? Then the Heritage and Culture Tour is for you. See what their everyday struggles are and find joy in the little things as you listen to what they’ve gone through. Learn how ripples turn into waves as they share their life stories and the events that had an impact on them.

The Heritage and Culture Tour is a step back into the past and into the lives of regular people with extraordinary personal stories. It’s your chance to listen to the testimonials of the locals and to live their experiences in a safe and welcoming environment.

See their excitement at the thought of a better future, learn about their trials and tribulations, and find out how they work together to transform the entire community. Grasp the meaning of folklore and heritage as you bond with the elderly over a traditional game known only to the locals. This unique Rwandan cultural tour will make a memory worth sharing.