Live and Breathe Rwanda with Red Rocks

Have the time of your life doing nothing but the simplest, humblest and yet most rewarding things you could imagine. The Red Rocks community will welcome you to this sheltered, unspoilt corner of the world where time and nature go hand in hand. Forget the office, say goodbye to manic Mondays and let the Sun be your watch, your compass and your alarm clock.

This is your chance to connect with the locals on a deeper level, gaining invaluable insight into rural life. Red Rocks will put together a range of cultural experiences for you to enjoy every day of your stay, so that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful things the community has to offer.

At Red Rocks, you’ll visit the locals, watch them as they go about their day, help with chores if you wish, learn how to carry out some of their life-sustaining activities, including brewing banana beer, grinding millet, carrying water, weaving, picking and so much more.

Avail yourself of this unique opportunity to be part of this rural community with Red Rocks!