Heritage and Pastoralism at Red Rocks

Animal husbandry is a way of life for many Rwandan families. While not all can afford to keep livestock, those who do are happy for you to spend time with them. Be Red Rocks’ guest and take a closer look at country life in Rwanda.

The pastoralist culture dates back to the time of Rwandan Kings. It’s still practiced in many parts of our community. Spending time in the villages, even if only for a few hours, offers unique insights into the culture and the significance that livestock have here.

Learn about Rwandan cows and their impact on family life here through history. Find out about the value of local cows like the gentle INYAMBO. See how they were used in cultural festivals, in everyday chores and even as dowry. Learn about the ‘King’s Cattle’, as the cows with the longest horns, reserved for royalty, became known.