Amahoro Embodies the Best of Rwanda

I landed in Kigali at night and alone. I was on my first trip to Africa (for business) unsure of what it would be like – unsure, even, who exactly would be at the airport to show me the lay of the land.

Flash-forward six days later: I’m in love with Rwanda. Even though I’m ostensibly there on business, I feel like I’m on vacation. That’s because my first time on a new continent, it turns out, was also my first time traveling without stress. I mean that. Zero stress. Everyone was on time. Everything was taken care of: meetings, activities, hotels, and the travel to get from one to the other.

None of this would have been possible without the people at Amahoro Tours. Simply put: they did their job so I could do mine.

I had a long agenda that took me to nearly every part of northern Rwanda. I had to pack a lot into just 6 days. Amahoro helped me do it, combining the precision of the most exacting event planner with the good-natured feel of a great travel buddy.

That, of course, is a hard balance to hit – but Greg and his team nailed it! Especially Edmund, who, in addition to being a fantastic driver and tour guide, is now also a friend.

Everyone I’ve spoken to who travels to Rwanda always mentions a particular affection for the country’s people – their kindness, their openness, their largeness of spirit.  That, indeed, is what Amahoro embodies: the best of Rwanda.

– Ryan Jacobs, Westwing Writers Washington DC, 2013

Ryan Jacobs