1. Image of the Congo River

    Tips For Being A Responsible Tourist In the Democratic Republic of The Congo

    If you’re preparing for a tourist experience in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, also prepare to have an amazing time! But in addition to that, it’s important that when traveling to any other country, you take some time to learn about the culture and country in order to be a responsible tourist. In this blog, Amahoro Tours will be providing some information on the culture of The Democrati…Read More

  2. Go On An Eco-Tourism Adventure With Amahoro Tours!

    Welcome back to Amahoro Tours’ blog! Here, we will discuss how our eco-tourism projects in Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda are revolutionizing the tourism industry with community integration and environmental responsibility. Africa is one of the most beautiful continents in the world and is home to delicate ecosystems that deserve to be protected. Join our mission today and we’ll take you on an educ…Read More