1. An image of a troop of gorillas.

    More Fun Facts About Gorillas

    Hello, and welcome back to the Amahoro Tours blog! Today, we’re back with another blog, and for this blog, we’re bringing back one of our favorite topics — gorillas! Sure, we often talk about the gorilla treks we offer as a part of our eco-tourism experiences in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Congo, but today we’re talking exclusively about our favorite mammals. Keep reading to learn some more fu…Read More

  2. Image of the Congo River

    Tips For Being A Responsible Tourist In the Democratic Republic of The Congo

    If you’re preparing for a tourist experience in the Democratic Republic of The Congo, also prepare to have an amazing time! But in addition to that, it’s important that when traveling to any other country, you take some time to learn about the culture and country in order to be a responsible tourist. In this blog, Amahoro Tours will be providing some information on the culture of The Democrati…Read More

  3. What To Bring To Your Gorilla Trek

    The Gorilla Treks offered by Amahoro Tours are incredibly amazing adventures all around. Between the beautiful landscapes of Africa and the sightings of gorillas, you’re in for an experience that you’ll never forget. Today, we’ll be getting into the details regarding different equipment you’ll want to make sure you have when you’re exploring and seeing gorillas. After all, you wouldn’t…Read More

  4. Gorillas: Why They’re Important & Why They’re Endangered

    Gorillas are majestic animals who are native to Africa. In all, there are two species, the East Gorillas and the West Gorillas. Within the East Gorilla species, you can find the Mountain Gorillas and the Eastern Lowland Gorillas. Within the West Gorilla species, you can find the Western Lowland Gorilla and the Cross River Gorilla.  Unfortunately, each type of gorilla is listed on the endangered s…Read More

  5. Fun Facts About Gorillas

    One of the things that Amahoro Tours is well-known for is the passion and excitement that we have surrounding gorillas. They are the animal that we primarily focus on during a majority of our tours, and we love being able to show people just how magnificent these animals are. When you have the chance to enjoy a gorilla tour with Amahoro Tours, you’ll get to experience these incredible animals fi…Read More