Conservation and Tourism talk

Red Rocks designated conservation and tourism public talks and involve community engagement programs to socio-economically develop the well being of the community and at the same time supporting the conservation efforts around the volcanoes national park.

Our aim is to invite gorilla trackers who spend more than 8 hours a daily with the gorillas and the forests guides who escort tourists into the forest to present the talks and engage visitors and local community on the debates which will promote sustainable tourism.

The major goal of this program is to showcase and promote the conservation of the gorillas, promote community tourism and sustain developmental programs geared to supports local projects such as education, water access and health care.

Replanting trees

Red Rocks also initiated the idea of replanting trees on the slopes of  the volcanoes as an idea of promoting sustainable tourism as a tool for inclusive growth and community engagement around the volcanoes national park; these tree planting program helps people living on steep slopes improve their lives through environmentally sound
development projects.

Our network of technicians, volunteers, and community leaders provide technical knowledge on agro-forestry,reforestation, and sustainable development, along with planting materials. It is important to invest in local knowledge by educating people, they now realize how agro forestry can revolutionize the way they collect firewood, fertilize their soil, feed their animals, and expand their lucrative vegetable gardens.

Monthly community events

The purpose of the monthly events is to collectively bring Community, Conservation and Tourism stakeholders together for sustainable development around the Volcanoes National Park. Through the events,communities will have a chance to exchange ideas and get to learn from one another on how they can use their talent, Cultural, and other local tools for sustainable development through effective sustainable planning, maximization of social and economic benefits to locals and reduction of negative impacts to cultural heritages and reduction of negative impacts to environmental heritage through tourism.

Red Rocks Homestay programs


As part of the village eco-tourism home stay program, some of the homes have been designated to host guests and make them enjoy the real local Rwandese lifestyle. They serve as small guest houses offering clean and furnished rooms.

Red Rocks home stay program hope to build houses for vulnerable women so that they can stay in a descent home and contribute to women empowering activities which will lead to the socio-economical development of the community around the volcanoes national park.

Red Rocks self help schemes

Our self help schemes have identified key areas through which majority of the local population can be invested in and help them have sustainable incomes which will provide economic benefits. Women and youth spend most of their time without any sustainable work, however they are quiet resourceful with their energy.

Red Rocks self help schemes aims to avail to them small animals like goats, sheep’s and pigs they and raise in their homestead with the aim of alleviating unemployment and creating awareness on the conservation of the gorillas and their natural habitat.

Red Rocks community empowerment

Red Rocks have continued to empower the community through various projects. Many of the youth have been trained at the centre to be waiters, waitress and tour guides. Our mission is to equip the youth with skills they need to enhance their employability.

Another project we have is teaching local women and youth how to speak the English language, which we do with the help of volunteer’s .Learning this language has helped, and will continue to help women and youth to be able to effectively communicate in the language. Most of them did not passion and desire to learn